Pack 3794 Pack Meeting Guidelines

A portion of every Pack meeting is used to publicly recognize Scouts for their achievements throughout the month.  Our boy’s work very hard to earn these awards and should be recognized by the Pack as such.  We try to get through the award ceremonies as quickly as possible without diminishing the recognition the boys deserve.  

Another portion of the meeting is used to allow the boys to have fun.  We may take a hike, play a game or some other activity that will allow the boys to get up and move around.

In order to accomplish all that needs to take place during a Pack meeting, we have rules for the Pack to follow, both boys and all family members, so that we can move the meeting along.  Our goal is to complete most Pack meetings in about 1-½ hours or less. 

The rules that have been established for our Pack over the years are as follows:

q                   Boys and all family members must remain quiet during the awards and announcements.  We use the scout sign to maintain order so that we can keep the Pack meeting on task. Please set the example for scouts and siblings around you so that when the sign is displayed it is a time to be quiet.  Every boy will earn an award at one Pack meeting or another.  Those receiving the awards deserve the respect of the entire Pack so that they may be properly recognized.  After a den has received their awards, we encourage all present to participate in the recognition activity (i.e., applause, cheer, etc.).  The award ceremonies are not a time for socialization. 

q       An adult must accompany their cub scout to all Pack family events.  Pack Meetings are considered Pack family events. 

q       Please be on time.  Pack meetings typically start at 6:30 with an opening ceremony.  Please arrive early enough to find a seat by 6:30 so as not to disrupt the ceremony.  If you do arrive late please wait outside the meeting area until the ceremony is completed to find a seat.

q       Scouts should be in Class A uniform for pack meetings unless a special event is taking place – i.e. swimming at the Rec Center.  Class A uniform consists of a scout shirt, neckerchief and slide, belt, and blue pants or shorts.  Pants/shorts should be from the scout shop, dark blue jeans w/o holes, or casual blue pants similar to Dickies or Dockers.  When Class A is not required, boys should wear a class B t-shirt which is the yellow pack t-shirt or any of the t-shirts received at camp or purchased at the Scout Shop.

q       No children (scouts or siblings) are allowed outside of the area the Pack meeting is taking place.  A parent or adult must accompany children outside of the meeting area, including the bathroom.  The Den assigned for set-up must provide a monitor for the hallway door.

q       Siblings that attend must be seated with the parent unless they are invited to take part of the fun-time portion of the meeting.  It is very acceptable to bring along a quiet activity for the scouts sibling to do during the Pack meeting.  Parents are responsible for disciplining their scout and his other siblings.  This is not the leaders responsibility as they are there for their own children.

q       Respect must be shown during the fun-time portion of the Pack meeting.  We want the boys to have fun during this time, but we also want them to be safe.   Horseplay will not be tolerated; this includes running.

q       Families with boys in charge of the opening ceremony must arrive at Pack Meetings 30 minutes early to help with set-up.  Families with boys in charge of the closing ceremony must remain after the meeting to help with clean up.  Your Den Leader will inform you when it is your turn.

Following these basic rules will allow everyone to have fun and finish the meetings on time.    Our pack is well known for having well-behaved scouts.  This doesn’t happen by accident – it happens by establishing expectations and living them on a regular basis.  Help our Pack live up to these standards by doing your part to help enforce these rules.   Together we can achieve this.  Remember, many hands make the load light. 

Please contact any leader within the Pack for questions or concerns regarding these rules.