Pack 3794 Den Meeting Guidelines


      Most den meetings should take approximately 1-hour. They may get a little longer as the boys get older. These meetings give the boys a chance to work on achievements, explore different aspects of our world to find new interests, and develop better communication skills, social skills, and other scouting values.

      Den meetings should be attended by the scout and an adult partner only. Siblings should not be brought along to den meetings unless it is absolutely necessary and approved by the den leader.

      Your den leader will keep track of your scouts achievements or designate an adult to do this. Make sure that the scout is fulfilling the true spirit of the requirements and not just doing the bare minimum to receive an award. Scouts may be asked at some time what they did to get a specific award. Please notify the adult in charge of advancement promptly when requirements have been completed so that the scout receives proper recognition for his accomplishment. This is one of your most important responsibilities as an adult partner.

      Just like at the pack meetings the leader will commonly use the scout sign to get the scouts attention or get them back on task. Please support your leader by setting the example of proper behavior, helping your scout complete activities, and disciplining them when needed so that the leader can run an effective meeting and help their scout also.

      Your den leader may ask each family to sign up to run a den meeting or perform some other task within the den. Please be giving of your talents and interests to help the den leader out. They dont know everything and by sharing your knowledge you will improve the program and knowledge that the boys gain. The boys also love to see their loved ones in charge and being a role model.

      All pack sign-ups are available at your den meetings. Please take care of this responsibility at these meetings to prevent bottlenecks at pack meetings. Information on pack events is frequently included in the Scout Shout and will usually be listed on the scout calendar that you receive at the start of the scout year. Many times you will be able to get answers for your questions from these sources. Check them out before calling to save yourself the time and hassle of trying to get a hold of someone else.

      If an issue arises within the den, we encourage you to speak to your Den Leader. If you do not feel comfortable discussing the issue with your Den Leader or you are not seeing any results, you should contact either the Committee Chair or Cubmaster for help.


All of the leaders we have are volunteers and are not paid for the time they give. We all have lives outside of scouting so please help us out by making meetings on time, using the Scout Shout for information, meeting deadlines, disciplining your child and volunteering when you can to make the program vibrant and better than when you first started.