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Our 1st Pack Meeting of the year is Thursday, September 14th at First United Methodist Church (FUMC) at 6:30 pm.

Can't wait to see you all there!

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Popcorn Kernel and Co-Kernel. Our current Kernel's are asking for shadow's to learn how to run this only fundraiser for our Pack. They will take over in 2018 for them. The Kernel is in charge of the main sale which includes Blitz Day, Show and Deliver, Take Order, On-Line sales and the prizes. Co-Kernel's run the Booth's at the businesses.  


Outings Coordinator. Heidi Gottfried has a great way this job is done so you only need to shadow her for a bit to take over. This is her second time at the position. We need someone now! If you love the opportunities for our Scouts and would like to add your talents, this is the job for you. Without someone stepping up we won't have all the opportunities. 


Camp Director. Craig Westfall has done this for his second time and we need someone to learn from him as soon as possible. The Director plans the Summer Camps, gets the dates and planning meetings and is in charge of Winter Cub World with the parents that attend. 


Equipment Coordinator. This position is open due to a family dropping out of Scouts. This job entails getting the Derby/Regatta equipment out of the storage space to the places the races are held and setting up for the races, then taking the equipment back. They Keep an inventory of the storage facility and retrieve anything requested  from the storage unit.



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